For about a year, I wondered what kind of gift to get my boyfriend, when his birthday was twenty-five years old. My boyfriend is very brave and likes adrenaline, so at first, I was wondering if I could get my friend a plane trip or a helicopter. A friend very much likes to fly in the air, like a plane. A friend wanted to be an airplane pilot, but unfortunately, I couldn`t do that because he has bad eyes. And logically, we know that any pilot or pilot of a plane has to have perfect eyesight. And what the shooting in Prague? It can be the best idea! That`s why a friend thought I`d like to be a soldier.

Be careful everytime.

But unfortunately, he wasn`t taken to military school either, so more like two for army style and Military A enjoys shooting. So, I told you that if a friend enjoys shooting, then it would really be best for a friend to try some target shooting or something in nature. Some targets shooting at targets and stuff like that. I think a friend, and this would really have a lot of fun, because a friend is really very action-packed and likes adrenaline. How about bungee jumping, too? I didn`t know what would be best for him. So, I also asked his mom what her son might want.

The gun is interesting.

And I`d known my boyfriend little, probably only for two years, but I really only wanted the best for him. I didn`t just want a silver bracelet for him, as I always do, but I wanted an experience too. And I doubt a friend would want to see the Eiffel Tower in France. That`s why I finally decided to shoot. Shooting is an adrenaline rush, and it`s such a lot of fun where you learn to shoot and hold a gun, just like a professional. And if you wanted a really, really original gift, would you also like the shooting range in Prague? believe me, it`s a lot of fun for all women and all men. Believe me, it is very fun. Enjoy.

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